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Aaah you’re here. That means you travel. But how often do you travel?

Is it a-lot? Or “hmm…sometimes…” OR it is your life!?!

Planning your Trip is a lot of excitement! But stressful when you start the first word wrong! You definitely have plenty to consider on the list. No worries though as we are here to help you out.

So, keep in mind to stay calm, get your pen, read this blog and jot them down list by list! From Planning your Trip up to Going back home! We made these top check lists for you! Straight from reliable blog sources!

What to do FIRST? I bet you’ve asked this question to yourself over and over again.

  •   Travel Reviews of the best places is a much big help! Read them and scrutinized every places that other people attended, where they had their meal, where are the best places to take photo selfies or groupies!
  •  Check out that place’s local website. This will help you learn the events upcoming and to know their culture well!
  •  Buy Maps and Guidebooks. Not to be old fashioned, but leaving your phone inside your safety pocket and buy the paper material Maps and updated guidebooks will certainly help you save not only your phone’s battery but also your health! Radiation-free materials are best after all.
  •   Tell them where you are going! Anyone you trusted enough not to spoil the whole planning and rob your house while you’re out. Especially not annoy you in asking, “whut? ‘er… with whom? By yourself? GOSH! Let me go to!” This is for safety, so when you are lost, out of money by unfavourable events like being robbed and more, you have someone to find you.
  •  Breath-in, Breath-out. We know you are excited, very much excited. Who’s not? Travel is a breath of fresh air. But you should stay calm, do your proper researches, read awesome blogs (like this one you’re reading) for travel tips, pack your things, get a mirror and say, “I am ready”.


Here are the top 5 best advices before leaving:


  1. Get your household needs done! Cancel your newspapers, hold your mail delivery, and prepay your bills. Because heeey, who wants handle these things while being jet lag and needs a 6-hour sleep recovery?
  2.  Because airline carry-on restrictions are always changing, visit the Transportation Security Administration’s website for a list of what you can bring on the plane, and for the latest security measures (including screening of electronic devices, which you may be asked to power up).
  3. If you’ll be renting a car, you’ll need a valid driver’s license. An International Driving Permit is technically required in Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, and Spain.
  4. Download any apps you might want to use on the road, such as translators, maps, and transit schedules. Check out Rick Steves Audio Europe for free, downloadable audio tours of Europe’s major sights and hours of travel interviews.
  5. Make a list of valuables that you’re bringing (such as electronics). Include serial numbers, makes, and models, and take photos of your items to serve as a record for the police and your insurance company should anything be stolen.

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Travel Tips from REAL TRAVELLERS!


I have enjoyed reading these blogs so much, so I thought, why not to share it in one page blog? Jot them all down here and credit the authors with their links and make other travellers (like me) the happiest person in the world!

I got 4 lovely travel tips blogs found, here I am listing them all down in no particular order (‘coz they are all equally my favourite travel tips!) *squeee*

Here is by Matthew Karsten from his blog entitled: “My 30 Best Travel Tips After 7 Years Traveling The World”. He said, “It’s now been 7 years since I sold everything and left the United States to travel the world. These are the best travel tips I’ve discovered along the way.”

I’m listing my top 10 favorite!

  1. Patience Is Important. Don’t sweat the stuff you can’t control. Life is much too short to be angry & annoyed all the time. Did you miss your bus? No worries, there will be another one. ATMs out of money? Great! Take an unplanned road trip over to the next town and explore. Sometimes freakouts happen regardless. Just take a deep breath and remind yourself that it could be worse.
  1. Wake Up Early. Rise at sunrise to have the best attractions all to yourself while avoiding crowds. It’s also a magical time for photos due to soft diffused light, and
  2. Stash Extra Cash. Cash is king around the world. To cover your ass in an emergency, make sure to stash some in a few different places. I recommend at least a couple hundred dollars worth. If you lose your wallet, your card stops working, or the ATMs run out of money, you’ll be glad you did.


Some of my favorite stash spots include socks, under shoe inserts, a toiletry bag, around the frame of a backpack, even sewn behind a patch on your bag.

  1. Observe Daily Life. If you really want to get a feel for the pulse of a place, I recommend spending a few hours sitting in a park or on a busy street corner by yourself just watching day to day life happen in front of you. Slow down your train of thought and pay close attention to the details around you. The smells, the colors, human interactions, and sounds. It’s a kind of meditation — and you’ll see stuff you never noticed before.
  1. Back Everything Up. When my laptop computer was stolen in Panama, having most of my important documents and photos backed up saved my ass. Keep both digital and physical copies of your passport, visas, driver’s license, birth certificate, health insurance card, serial numbers, and important phone numbers ready to go in case of an emergency. Backup your files & photos on an external hard drive as well as online with software like Backblaze.
  1. Take Lots of Photos. You may only see these places & meet these people once in your lifetime. Remember them forever with plenty of photos. Don’t worry about looking like a “tourist”. Are you traveling to look cool? No one cares. Great photos are the ultimate souvenir.

They don’t cost anything, they’re easy to share with others, and they don’t take up space in your luggage. Just remember once you have your shot to get out from behind the lens and enjoy the view.

  1. Smile & Say Hello. Having trouble interacting with locals? Do people seem unfriendly? Maybe it’s your body language. One of my best travel tips is to make eye contact and smile as you walk by. If they smile back, say hello in the local language too. This is a fast way to make new friends. You can’t expect everyone to just walk around with a big stupid grin on their face. That’s your job. Usually, all it takes is for you to initiate contact and they’ll open up.
  1. Keep an Open Mind. Don’t judge the lifestyles of others if different from your own. Listen to opinions you don’t agree with. It’s arrogant to assume your views are correct and other people are wrong. Practice empathy and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Embrace different possibilities, opportunities, people, suggestions, and interests. Ask questions. You don’t have to agree, but you may be surprised what you’ll learn from the people you meet during your travels.
  1. Pack Ear Plugs. This should actually be #1 on the list. I love my earplugs! Muffle the sounds of crying babies, drunk Australians, barking dogs, honking horns, dormitory sex, natural gas salesmen, and more. A traveler’s best friend. These are my favorite earplugs for comfort & effectiveness.
  2. Eat Local Food. Think you already know what Mexican food tastes like? You’re probably wrong. Taste a bit of everything when you travel, especially if you don’t know what it is. Ask local people for recommendations. Eat street food from vendors with big lines out front.

And hey, what is ‘top 10’ if there is no 11? Here is my top 11th fave!

  1. Don’t Forget Travel Insurance. No one ever thinks they’ll get sick, injured, or robbed while traveling. But it happens. I’ve sliced up my head on a volcano, contracted Dengue fever, and lost my laptop to thieves. With travel insurance you don’t have to worry about huge hospital bills or stolen gear when it eventually happens.


Without further ado, here is from Christy Woodrow.


From her blog site, she called herself an ordinary traveller, but apparently these travel tips blog: “My 25 Best Travel Tips After 10 Years of Traveling the World” is no ordinary as it will fill your mind with excitement and gives you the needed whole-hearted travel tips that you will surely use!

  1. Make a List. About a week or so before each trip, I make a mental list of items I don’t want to forget — which I WILL forget if I don’t write them down. I’ve learned that when I think of something, I need to write it down.
  2. Learn Common Phrases of the Local Language. A simple “Please,” “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry” in the local language goes a long way. I also like to learn the word for beer, but that’s just me.
  3. Pack Extra Underwear. Undies are small and it’s always a good idea to have a few extra pairs in case of emergencies. Another option is to pack this quick-dry underwear so you can easily wash them on the road.
  4. Pre-plan Your Outfits. I’m a lazy, last-minute packer, so I’ve spent too many trips with all black or all grey outfits because I didn’t plan my outfits before packing. I look back at photos and wish I had put more effort into packing.
  5. Inquire about the price BEFORE You Take Public Transportation. It’s a good idea to ask about the price before you hop on a bus, guagua, or other form of public transportation. We learned our lesson in the Dominican Republic.
  6. Stay Hydrated on Planes. I know it’s fun to get drunk at 30,000 feet, but it’s also much easier to get dehydrated. Staying hydrated — especially on long-haul flights — makes it easier to get over jet lag too.
  7. Put Your Room Number & Hotel Address in Your Phone. Am I the only one who can’t remember my hotel room number?? There has to be others out there like me.
  8. Beware of Free Public WIFI. I always try to avoid logging into bank accounts or entering any passwords while I’m using free public WIFI at a place like an airport. I’m not as strict about it once I’ve gotten to my hotel, especially if they have a password for their wifi.
  9. Separate Your Personal Items. When Scott and I travel together, we mix our personal items into each checked bag (assuming we have more than one). That way if one of our bags gets lost, we both still have some clothing and personal items.
  10. Separate Your Sources of Money. Don’t keep all of your cash and cards in one spot. I usually hide some cash and a back-up credit/bank card in a separate bag — not the same bag as my wallet.

Oh I know, you are expecting my 11th fave? Well, it is here:

  1. Wear Sunscreen. My face moisturizer has SPF. This is just something I do every day, but it’s especially important while traveling.

Well, you man, should wear one too!


Here is another special featured blog from an enthusiast couple, who advises that having kids or bringing them will never be a distraction, instead, it will make your travel Extra- Special! Their blog: “20 Best Travel Tips After 20 Years of Traveling”, written by no other than Craig himself, smoothly sent us a warm advice to us travellers!

  1. Make Travel a Priority. If you want to travel more, you’ve got to make it a priority! Seriously, if you don’t have enough money for travel yet you have a wardrobe full of designer clothes that you never wear, or a garage full of expensive toys collecting dust, then you’re not clear on your priorities and purpose. We’ve been able to travel overseas consistently over the past 20 years because we made travel one of our top priorities. We channeled most of our energy, focus, and finances towards travel. Currently we don’t own a lot of stuff, but we sure have a lot of memories.
  2. Don’t Expect Things to Be Like They Are at Home. If you want everything like it is at home, then what’s the point of going anywhere? Keep an open mind to learning and experiencing new things when you travel abroad, that includes trying new foods which can tell you a lot about a culture – and don’t be scared to eat the street food! We travel abroad to experience different cultures, environments, and ways of thinking. So don’t shut yourself off to experiencing all a country has to offer. If you travel with an open mind you can have a much more enriching experience. There will be moments when other cultures will shock you. Don’t judge them. When this happens, sit back and say, “Isn’t that interesting, tell me more!”
  3. Plan it Together. Sit down with all members of your family and talk about your trip.

The best way to get your kids interested and excited is to have them involved in the travel planning process.

Talk about:

How many days will your trip be?

What types of places will you visit: beaches, mountains, big cities, small towns?

Do you want relaxation or adventure?

When will the trip start?

Memorable trips are those where each member of your family gets to experience something they love. Grab a few brochures or travel magazines and flick through the colorful pages. Everyone gets to choose a destination and activity they’d like to see and do. Go through the list as a family, discuss the pros and cons of each and vote. Next, jump online or on the floor with a big paper map and plot out your basic route with a highlighter, leaving room for flexibility.

When you plan a trip it’s important you choose a destination and activities that suit the interests of all family members. If your kids (or you) are bored or dislike a place it’s not the recipe for a memorable vacation.

  1. Talk to the Locals. One of our best travel tips and what we always do is talk to the locals! They usually have the best travel advice and insider knowledge on what to see, do and eat in their own town. It’s truly amazing what you will learn by striking up a casual conversation.

We ask simple questions like:

Where can we get the best coffee?

Where is the best spot to see the sunrise?

What are the top three things you would show a friend from out of town?

You’ll find that the locals love sharing travel info and stories about their town and are more than happy to help you have a memorable visit! Some of the best locals to talk to are those working behind the front desk in your hotel, or the bell boy. We always ask them for tips on where to eat, drink and explore.

Failing that, we look on Trip Advisor.

  1. Be Flexible. One of our best travel tips, especially if you travel with kids like us, is to leave room for flexibility in your itinerary. If you’re on an extended trip, don’t pre-book everything. You’ll meet people along the way who will recommend great places you’ve never heard of. You’ll discover interesting cultural activities and tours, and activities you thought you only needed 2 hours at you’ll need all day! And places that sound great from your pre-trip research can turn out to be horrible! If all your flights, tours and accommodation are pre-booked it can be costly to change. Go with the flow a little and don’t over plan. Of course, if you are on a short trip with limited time and there are popular attractions you want to visit, it pays to book ahead.

And my Favorite 6th fave!

  1. Do the FREE Stuff. If saving money when you travel is a focus for you, then one of our best budget travel tips is to seek out all the free things to do. Most of the time the best experiences in life are free, or extremely low cost. There is absolute joy in the simplest of moments, such as swinging in a hammock while watching the sunset over the horizon.

Other free things:

Take a walk or bike ride

Swim at the beach or lake

Climb a mountain

Catch a magnificent sunrise

Attend museums or tourist sites on free days or when they are discounted

Play in the park

Visit a market

See a street fair or cultural event

We LOVE walking. It’s one of the best ways to get to know and appreciate wherever you are instead of racing around by car.

When you walk around you have time to stop and marvel at all the nooks and crannies.

You are better able to soak up the atmosphere and feel the energy. And walking is FREE and good for your health!

And walking is FREE and good for your health!


NomadicMatt with his “61 Travel Tips to Make You the World’s Savviest Traveler” Gives you the savviest indeed travel tips.

61 is a lot and you’re in a rush sooo we picked our Top 10 (like a choosing the best grapes in a vineyard for the exquisite perfect taste of fermented wine) just for you!

  1. Don’t be afraid to get purposefully lost. Wandering aimlessly through a new city is a good way to get to know it. You might be surprised by the hidden gems you find.
  2. Always visit the local tourism office. They know about everything going on in town. They can point you to free activities, special events happening during your stay, and everything in between. Use this resource.
  3. Always carry a lock. They come in handy, especially when you stay in dorms and need to lock your stuff up.
  4. Make extra copies of your passport and important documents. Don’t forget to e-mail a copy to yourself so you’ll almost always have access to them, one way or another.
  5. Read a history book! You can’t understand a place’s present if you don’t know anything about its past. Read up on the destinations you are visiting.
  6. Lunchtime is the best time to visit historical sites. The sites empty out and you’ll have fewer crowds to fight.
  7. Carry a basic first-aid kit. Accidents happen, so be prepared. I take with me bandaids, antibacterial cream, and ointments for cuts and scrapes.
  8. But keep your guard up. Some people do bite, so keep a healthy level of suspicion.
  9. Try new food. Don’t ask what it is. Just put it in your mouth and see if you like it. If you put your guard up, you might miss out on some unusual and delicious local cuisine.
  10. Get city attraction cards. If you are going to visit a lot of museums and other attractions in a short period of time, a city pass is going to save you money on admission (plus most provide free public transportation too!).

Lol, did not forget the top 11!

  1. Take pictures of your luggage and clothes. If your bag gets lost, this will help identify it more easily and speed up the process of having your travel insurance reimburse you.

So that’s pretty much long eh, Buy hey! they are worth to read bookworm travellers!!!

Better keep these lists in your phone, travel book or anywhere you can note them!

One last and BEST advice from us, Newport Jets:

“Do not forget that you deserve luxurious & safety travel.”

“You deserve to enjoy and sip every moment.”

“You deserve that one chance to travel”

“Have a break and free yourself.”

“Rent a JET and See the WORLD from above”


Be sure to stay updated!

Visit Newport Jets every week as we do weekly travel blogs and best places to go in every season!

Keep smiling!


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