Authentic travel experience and how to feel it

Evidence shows that the trend for desiring authentic and experiential travel is growing. We want to feel like we got to experience the real thing.

Millennials are desperately desiring for an extravagant ‘Authentic’ travel experience. That feeling of having to experience THE REAL THING is a necessity and ultimate goal of each travelers. So the question lies to what does it takes to taste the unfalsified information of a tourist spot?
Why did we say unfalsified? ‘coz advertisements are not 100% real.

If your authentic experience ends up being a carefully-crafted tourist display, there’s a few things you can do so to not leave in disappointment. Here, we’ve thoroughly searched these personal travel blogs dignifying their experiences with their truthful & unfiltered adventures. This blog is not to show-off the places, but more of about how to travel with your whole heart & resources and experience the REAL THING – authentic – with these personal travel blogs.

The world is what it is. Exploring it on its terms and not yours is what you’re supposed to do. Of course, we tend to be electrified by the scenic photos we see online, and envision traveling to a foreign country- living, eating and doing the things that locals do. But the reality you will find will be different.

You might want to change your expectations, then you’ll find that every experience is authentic to itself.

According to Kristin of Be My Travel Muse blog website that to have an authentic travel experience is to take a genuine interest to other people.

“Whether it’s a fellow traveler, the guide for your day tour climbing on glaciers, or the person sitting at reception at your guesthouse, taking a genuine interest in people opens so many doors, not just to friendship but for adventures too.

Even if you’re the shy type, you’ll find that if you stay in social places, conversations will happen, even if you’re not the one to initiate them. Just sit in the common room of a social hostel and you’ll see what I mean.

There are so many times when chatting with someone, giving them not just my full attention but also my genuine interest, led to them sharing a travel secret with me, going the extra mile to make my stay better, or even offering up an amazing opportunity to join them at a local event.”

In short, take extra time to KNOW THE PEOPLE and not just their culture or the place. Those conversations will serve as an extra memory to remember. Of course, you will have to remember those conversations, especially remember things that people tell you, especially their names.


Sam and Tocarra said that travelling local is where you taste ‘Authencity’. They advices to Use Public Transportation.

“Another way to feel like a local when you travel is to use public transportation just as the general population would in that particular region. Sure, it may be a little more challenging to navigate public transportation, but then again travel should have an emphasis on ‘local experiences’, so hop on the local train or bus to get around town. Just like hiring a local tour guide in a city, you could also hire a private driver to show you around. We’ve done this in several locations around the world. In Athens, Greece, we hired an awesome cab driver for a few hours to show us around the sites. In Cambodia, we hired a tuk tuk driver for the day to take us to the different temples in Angkor Wat. In the Czech Republic, we hired a private driver to take us from Prague to the charming town of Cesky Krumlov. In all of these instances, we got to talking with our driver and learning about their country, their life, and their customs. Often times, we’ll rent our own car and try to deviate from the popular tourist routes and simply head off in search of adventure! No matter how you get around town, have fun and make it an experience to remember!”

Travelling in this mode is where you most meet local people and experience their lives as a local citizen.


Travlinmad advices the concept regarding a slow travel and it should be one of your priority when you are aiming for an authentic travel experience.

“Over the years, we’ve learned more about the concept of slow travel and have become fans of traveling that way. Slow travel grew from the slow food movement of the 1980s in Italy when local chefs and food producers formed a movement against fast food. The idea is that when you travel, spending more time in one place leads to a deeper, more authentic travel experience. Get to know the local people, eat local food, and meet the producers, artisans, and farmers behind it all.

We believe in slow travel so much, it’s become a major focus of our business. But honestly, it wasn’t until we visited people in Italy who introduced us to actual slow travel tours, that the light finally come on. We realized we’d been traveling this way for years and loved how spending more time in a place made our whole experience much more special and memorable. Slow travel is the opposite of whirlwind travel or traveling for the Instagram shots, and you don’t have to have weeks or months to spend. If you have just a week, change your itinerary to include one or two places instead of “seeing” an entire country in a week…unless of course that country is the size of Belize or San Marino.”


BonAppetour recommended to avoid the curated version of authencity. As we have mentioned before in this blog: Tourist Advertisements are mostly curated and will put you in a place where you have to stick-to-their-rules so to experience what they have built or planned for you for.

” You travel to experience a new culture, correct? Following the crowd of tourists as they go from their hotel room, to a cab, to the “must-see” destinations almost certainly ensures that you won’t experience the culture—you’ll experience a curated version of it. And after saving and spending your hard-earned money, the last thing you want to do is have regrets about what you did or didn’t see.”


Katie McKnoulty of HostelWorld advices that instead of booking for a luxurious hotel, you might find your travel more authentic by hunting a house or space to rent!

“Ask around or recruit the help of Google to find a cute suburb out of the centre of town, where normal people actually live. Local houses say a lot about life, culture and history in a city.”



We get it and we feel the same.

Travelling isn’t just about spending your money to taste these different flavor of foods. Most importantly, it is about spending & investing your TIME with the place itself.

One thing that we want to suggest is to NOT let your expectation discourage your REAL EXPERIENCE.
Remember, it is not where you travel but it is more of HOW you travel.

Be a child and always be curious.

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