Private Jet Charter Destination: Springtime in Paris

No one sings the beloved Cole Porter tune, I Love Paris, like Frank Sinatra. The lyrics are timeless and still true today. Springtime in Paris is magnificent, as the cold winter months give way to a spring filled with blooming flowers, parks and greenery. If you’re visiting Paris this spring be sure to check out our new Private Jet Charter Paris page for some fabulous information about planning your private jet charter trip to Paris this spring.  Newport Jets specializes in private jet charter flights to and from Paris, and many other international and domestic locations.

There are numerous festivals and special events you won’t want to miss in Paris this spring.

Saint-Germain Jazz Festival – The 11th annual jazz fesitval (May 15-29, 2011).

French Wine Fair –  (May 14-15, 2011).

Foire de Paris –  (April 28 to May 8, 2011).

Foire de Trône – Fun for the whole family (April 2 to May 30, 2011).

La Nuit des Musées – Museum visits all night long (May 14, 2011).

Fête des Voisins – Join in the neighborly celebrations across the city (May 27, 2011).

Paris Gardens

To explore some of the gorgeous gardens in Paris, you will enjoy the Jardin du Luxembourg as a popular spot to picnic, sun, and walk.  The gardens and palace are beautiful and once occupied by the Italian monarch Marie de Medicis during the Renaissance. The majestic gardens continue to bloom every annually.

Located on the west end of the Louve, the Jardin des Tuileries is a formal garden. The  royal palace at Tuileries was stormed and pillaged during the revolution in 1789. In 1871, another revolution led to the arson of Tuileries. Today, the gardens are beloved for the greenery and fresh air.  Children love the summer carnival.

The Art of Travel: Jet Charter London Luxury Art-Train Tours

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Take A Private Jet Charter Flight To London for This Amazing Art Journey

See our page on Newport Jets Private Jet Charter London

For a truly unique and luxury private jet charter excursion to and from London starting this month, London’s National Gallery has teamed up with the luxury Orient Express travel company to offer – ‘The Art of Travel’ – that combines luxury travel and fine art.

Luxury travelers will love these new luxury art/train tours featuring more than a dozen new itineraries launching this spring as they experience a tour with some of the world’s top art and the places that inspired them. Tours range from a three-day/two-night journey between London and Bath to a seven-day/six-night tour between London and Venice. Seven examine the classic works and figures of the Impressionist movement; four focus on the great works of Italian artists including Canaletto, Bellini, Titian, and Veronese; and two study the collections of the newly reopened Holburne Museum in Bath.

The tours begin at the National Gallery, where a specialist introduces a selection of masterpieces that will later be matched with the places and landmarks depicted within them. For instance, a viewing of Monets in London is followed by a trip to the artist’s home at Giverny; an immersion into the work of Canaletto is followed by roaming the very same canals and piazzas of Venice. Guests travel through art history in style aboard both the iconic Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and British Pullman, accompanied by the National Gallery specialist.

Impressions of Paris is a five-day/four-night tour through the life of Monet, taking guests from the country’s capital of Paris to the artist’s country home in Giverny.

• Start with a tour of the works of Monet and his contemporaries at the National Gallery (and perhaps wake up early enough the next day to see the Thames at Westminster – a scene the artist captured during his stays at the Savoy Hotel in London).

• Depart for Paris the following morning aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Two of the train’s art deco carriages were already in glamorous service when Claude Monet was producing his final masterpieces.

• Visit the artist’s home at Giverny and the old churchyard in the Normandy village where he is buried.

• On returning to Paris, enjoy a wonderful selection of impressionist works at the Musée de l’Orangerie des Tuileries and the hidden gem, the Musée Marmottan-Monet.

• Accommodation includes the Goring Hotel in London and Hotel San Regis in Paris.

• This tour operates on April 9, May 7, June 25, July 27, August 24, September 24, and October 22, 2011

The Venice of Canaletto is a seven-day/six-night tour that follows in the footsteps of the artist forever tied to the canal-strewn city.

• Start in London at the Goring Hotel before a guided-visit at the National Gallery and a private dinner in the gallery’s Trafalgar Room.

• Spend four days exploring the city with a National Gallery expert along with a local guide, seeing sights like the Doge’s Palace and Villa Pisani before returning to London.

• Accommodation includes the Goring Hotel, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, and Hotel Cipriani.

• This trip departs on April 9, October 8, and October 22, 2011

Venetian Painters is a six-day/five-night tour that explores the works of artists Giovanni Bellini, Titian, and Veronese.

• Begin with a tour of the permanent Venetian Masters at the National Gallery before flying to Venice.

• Feel the spirit of the Italian Renaissance by viewing the pieces in the buildings for which they were originally commissioned.

• Spend three full days exploring the Doge’s Palace, lunching under a Tiepolo ceiling, and being shown the hidden shopping sites by the local guide before boarding the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express for a luxurious ride back to London.

• Accommodation includes the Goring Hotel, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, and Hotel Cipriani.

• This trip departs on April 30, 2011

To book, contact Orient-Express Centre.  Newport Jets will plan and schedule your private jet charter to London. The team at Newport Jets are specialists at private jet flights to and from London, see our page Private Jet Charter London.

Private Jet Charter Flights New York: Teterboro Airport

For New York City private jet charter travelers, Teterboro Airport is the top choice for their private jet charter flights. Newport Jets is a top provider of flights to and from the airport. Teterboro is the oldest operating airport in the New Jersey and New York metro area.  The airport is only 12 miles from Midtown, and it’s one of the fastest growing airports in the country.  For those charter jet travelers who want the convenience and speed of getting in and out of NYC efficiently, Teterboro is the top airport choice.

While Teterboro is not the only airport that handles private jet charter aircraft, it’s the closest and most convenient choice in the NYC area for savvy private jet charter travelers.  (See our full list of Airports in New York State)

Teterboro is considered a “reliever” airport because it helps smaller aircraft from getting congested at the Port Authority’s commercial airports.  The airport’s focus is on removing the smaller and slower aircraft from the regional air traffic that would cause major congestion at the Port Authority’s commercial airports. The airport is 827 acres, with 90 acres designated for aircraft hangars, maintenance and other offices, and 408 acres are for aeronautical use. Over 300 acres at Teterboro remains undeveloped. The control tower at Teterboro was constructed at the airport by the FAA and went into operation on October 29, 1975.

Teterboro Airport has a long history as it was opened back in 1919 and the land was purchased by Walter C. Teter in 1917.

During World War I, North American Aviation operated a manufacturing plant on the site. After the war, the airport served as a base of operations for Anthony Fokker, the Dutch aircraft designer and builder. During World War II, the Army and Air Force took over operation of the airport.

The Port Authority purchased the airport in 1949 and leased it to Pan Am World Airways in 1970 and then its successor, Johnson Controls, for a term for 30 years. In 2000, the Port Authority resumed full responsibility of operations and since 1970 has invested $174 million to upgrade the airport’s facilities and open new areas of service to the aviation community.

Today, Teterboro Airport continues to play a vital role in the aviation interests of the region.





Private Jet Charter Destination: Springtime in New York City

New York City is one of Newport Jets top US destinations, check out our new page devoted to private jet charter NYC travel.

Spring is a wonderful time of year to visit New York City, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’ll find the parks and greenery are blooming and the temperature isn’t too cold or too hot. If you’re in NYC consider a wonderful escape to one of the city’s parks. Visiting a NYC park and taking in the history and blooming flowers and landscapes is a fabulous escape from a busy business day.  You’ll find that late April and May in New York is actually one of the most beautiful times of year.

When you think of NYC, you may think of a bustling metropolitan city, but the green areas are many, and time and money has been spent in the last decade to maintain and beautify the city’s parks.

Madison Square Park

Between Fifth & Madison Avenues, 23rd & 26th Streets

Madison Square Park is a park you don’t want to miss. You’ll find blooming cherry trees and tall elms. The park has been around since 1686, named for the 4th president of the United States James Madison. From the park’s beginning today the parks incorporates well defined walkways, formal and pastoral elements, and open lawns.

Millions of dollars was spent in the last years to renovate and maintain the park. The renovation restored Madison Square Park’s original 19th century design while also making the park again the center of neighborhood life.  The restored park has flowering shrubs and plants, lush green sweeping lawns, benches, a spectacular fountain, modern reflecting pool, new gateways, and ornamental lighting. Today, the park is in the center and heart of a bustling business district.

Madison Square Park is open year-round for recreation and enjoyment. In addition, the park offers a wide variety of programs for families, as well as art, music and literature lovers.  Check out the park’s calendar.

Celebrate Cherry Blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden celebrates horticulture and Japanese culture this spring for Hanami, a month long celebration from April 2 – May 1 as they take joy in the cultural tradition of enjoying each moment of the cherry blossom season.  They will remember the Japanese earthquake victims and ask visitors to take a moment of quiet contemplation.

Sakura Matsuri Festival

The celebration of Hanami culminates in the two-day Sakura Matsuri cherry blossom festival, the nation’s largest event in a public garden. Visitors of all ages can enjoy music, workshops, and crafts.