Celebrate the Holidays with a Private Jet Charter to Las Vegas

Las Vegas can be a lot of things but one thing it definitely is, is exciting. People from all over the world come to Las Vegas to experience a never-ending evening filled with experiences that have never and will never be experienced anywhere else.

Newport Jets specializes in jet charter flights to and from Las Vegas, be sure to check out our Private Jet Charter Las Vegas page — for more details.  Newport Jets will not only arrange your flights, but our professional jet charter concierge team will arrange ground transportation, luxury accommodations, show tickets, and dinner reservations.

Certainly, there is something for everyone. If you want to see a world class show, spend a little cash or just indulge it’s all here. For a change of pace spend some time in Las Vegas for the holidays and enjoy some holiday lights of a different brilliance.

In November be sure to check out Rod Stewart.  Stewart makes his triumphant return to Las Vegas with his two-year engagement of performances of a culmination of Stewart’s hits from throughout the years at the Colosseum. Stewart will give his energetic performance through November. Reminisce with songs like “Forever Young,” “Reason to Believe,” and “Hot Legs.” For more classic music, 70’s legendary rock group, The Eagles are performing live in concert with tracks from their latest album, Long Road Out of Eden, along with classic hits at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

If you want to have a few laughs catch Jay Leno November 18 and 19 at Terry Fator Theatre in the Mirage. One of America’s most popular comedians, Leno will entertain you with a new perspective on day to day life.

Or settle in for the smooth R & B sounds of Charlie Wilson, former leader of the GAP Band. Wilson first met with success with GAP Band and a string of hits like “You Dropped a Bomb on Me” and “Party Train.” During the mid-80s Wilson went solo and since then his voice has influenced a whole new generation of R & B artists.

With December ushering in the holidays it doesn’t mean that Vegas slows down. David Spade will perform Dec. 2 and 3. The “Rules of Engagement” star and “Saturday Night Live” alum has returned to his stand-up comedy routine and will have you rolling in the aisles.

Then have some more laughs Dec. 26 and 27 with Jerry Seinfeld and his unique brand of observational humor. Seinfeld co-created the NBC pilot that would become the show “Seinfeld” in 1989. That show enjoyed nine successful years from 1990-1991 before calling it quits. Now Seinfeld has returned to his stand up roots and is ready to wrap your year up on a funny note.

Tired of the same out holiday traditions? Create a new one and cozy up beneath the bright lights of Las Vegas.




Cessna Citation X: The Ultimate Business Private Jet Charter Aircraft

Business and travel often go hand in hand. There’s travel for training, travel to meet a client and even travel to impress a client. Sometimes that travel takes you to exciting and exotic places and other times, it’s bland and uneventful. Regardless of where your business travel takes you, the last thing you want on a business trip is the hassle of a stressful plane ride.

All that travel doesn’t have to be a drag. It all depends on how you travel. Increasingly business travelers are eschewing first class travel and opting instead for a more comfortable approach to getting from point A to point B. What can be more comfortable than first class travel? Private jet charter of course.

Private jet charter is the preferred way to travel if you want to be treated like a rock star, or if you simply want to feel a little more special. So much so that even rock stars travel that way. Especially if you are traveling by private jet charter, like in a Cessna Citation. In fact, recently, it was reported that singer Justin Bieber prefers to travel by private jet charter in the Cessna Citation X, often referred to as the ‘World’s Fastest Business Jet’.” The Cessna Citation X is the same plane favored by many corporations for business travel. The jet features leather seats, exotic wood finishes and Rolls-Royce engines and it has room for two crew and eight passengers.


Such comfort isn’t lost just on rock stars or the very famous. Business travelers recognize the importance of comfort when having to travel often. That’s why it’s the number one jet used by private jet charter services. In fact, in 2010 Cessna delivered 535 aircraft including 179 citation business jets and reported revenues of $2.6 billion.

Private jet charter is growing and increasingly becoming the preferred option for business travelers because of its comfort and convenience. When business takes you to the skies it’s so much better to fly without the stuffy cabins, the noise of a plane full of people and the fight to get the flight attendant’s attention. Imagine having a calm and quiet cabin allowing you to complete that last minute project or fit in that power nap.

Private jet charter also gives you optimum control over when you fly. There are virtually no delays, no connecting flights to make and less chance of arriving late to your destination.

Newport Jets specializes in private jet charter because they know that business travelers aren’t like other travelers. There’s meetings to catch and deadlines to meet. Rest and comfort is highly prized by the corporate elite. And arriving there on time can sometimes positively or negatively affect a major deal. Newport Jets recognizes the special needs of business travelers and strives to make its private jet charter service a most memorable experience. Don’t leave your next business deal to chance, hire a private jet charter and get there on your terms.

To explore the options Newport Jets offers in private jet charter visit www.newportjets.com


Private Jet Travel Destinations: Brown + Hudson Truly Personal, Unique Luxury Travel


Newport Jets is pleased to share an interview we did with Brown +Hudson, for travel that works perfectly with private jet charter travel around the world.

Tell a friend you are going to Patagonia or Nepal or Madagascar and they may tell you “I’ve done that.” But if your travel was arranged by Brown + Hudson you can gleefully reply, “No, you haven’t.”

That’s because Brown + Hudson travel is extremely personal. Every itinerary they create is unique to the last detail. There is no template used. Each travel experience is created from a series of personal questions designed to discover the intricate details of what might make your experience truly extraordinary. Brown + Hudson calls this level of customization “truly bespoke,” because each trip is handcrafted—like a fine suit.

Founding partner Philippe Brown was a world traveler before Brown + Hudson and had many years experience working in the luxury active travel industry designing, guiding and managing trips around the globe. It wasn’t until he came across William Henry Hudson, author of Idle Days in Patagonia, that the concept of highly personalized, truly bespoke travel became a mission. With that mission at the core of Brown + Hudson travelers the world over are experiencing destinations in a way no one else has, or ever will.

Brown + Hudson designs travel experiences for travelers who yearn for the one-of-a-kind experience that rises above the ordinary.

1. Have you in your personal travel experience, ever had an itinerary go wrong or appear to be not what you expected? And if so how did you deal with it?

 One of our key points of difference is that we always manage every journey from the beginning until the end – either through our own guides leading the trip directly, or through our staff at the office managing from afar. It is perfectly normal for our clients to change their minds or arrangements at a moment’s notice. This is neither a challenge, or an obstacle, as it provides an opportunity to shine, surprise and delight. We are bespoke and hands-on in the planning and delivery of each trip.

For example, over breakfast on a recent cycling trip in the middle of nowhere in New Zealand, a client quietly mentioned to his friend over breakfast that he would rather play golf than cycle that day. Our guide overheard this and discovered the nearest golf course was a short 45-minute flight away, and returned to the breakfast table having reserved a tee-time, equipment and caddie. Not to mention, he found a helicopter to take the client there in time.

2. What about a travel experience makes it memorable or special? Certainly the specifics vary from person to person, but what is the intangible that makes it memorable?

Many companies in the travel industry call an itinerary ‘bespoke’ when they string together some destinations, properties and activities based on a client’s wishes…when essentially it is the same packaged itinerary they have sold for years.  Our approach goes above and beyond this, which is the definition of truly bespoke travel. A lot of it is in the intangibles, the insights we leverage to apply incredibly personal touches. This can only come from first knowing our clients very well, secondly knowing each destination(s) in detail and thirdly, of course, being creative, diligent and detail-obsessed in planning and delivering the journey.

For instance, in crafting a recent honeymoon to South Africa we found out that the groom was preparing for a marathon to take place shortly after the trip. We built training possibilities into the journey and had each property draw up running routes corresponding to his assumed distance needs. Finally, we connected with a sports science academic in Cape Town who had written the bible of marathon and ultra-marathon running and asked him to craft a mini-running guide for training in the wilderness. We also arranged a meeting between the two later in the journey in Cape Town so our client could get the latest running know-how directly from the source.

 Often our clients don’t know we are adding these personal touches to the journey, as each element of our trips seem to fit in naturally.

When our client’s needs or the group size dictates that the trip should be lead by a       Brown + Hudson guide then the opportunities for intangibles and special experiences are even more plentiful. Guides can apply touches we have planned directly, or come up with their own spontaneously; as they learn more about the clients they are travelling with.

3. There must be some locations that are often requested. How do you resist the temptation to fall into a cookie-cutter approach when you’re designing a trip over and over for the same location?

The destination is only the canvas on which we paint. Our clients and their wishes, dreams and preferences define the colors and the image. Sure, some locations are more popular than others, but because they are popular, our knowledge and our relationships here go even further than in other destinations. Bringing a lot business to these places actually makes it easier for us to do things differently every time, simply because we are continuously learning about a place.

4. What has been your most outlandish request and how did you meet those expectations?

We wouldn’t consider any requests outlandish. Anything is possible (as long as it’s within our ethical standards).

Recently some clients showed an interest in travel to Afghanistan’s Wakhan corridor, so we went there and researched it. Others have recently expressed an interest to cycle on the ice in Antarctica, and we will make it happen.

5. Is there anywhere considered too dangerous? Do you ever dissuade people from traveling to certain locations?

We take our clients’ safety very seriously. We bear foreign office advisories in mind and then look at the reality of the local situation. If in any doubt we involve political and security risk professionals for another perspective on levels of risk in any destination. We inform our clients accordingly, but the decision is always theirs. Naturally, we will not carry out any journeys where we are not comfortable with regard to our clients’ (and our staff’s) safety.

6. During the interview process with your clients have you ever uncovered things that the traveler was surprised to consider? Most people tend to think in the box are they pleasantly surprised that something you suggested really appeals to them when they never would have thought it would?

We pride ourselves in identifying where our clients’ obvious and not so obvious interests, dreams and wishes lie, and then leveraging these to create personal experiences they wouldn’t have thought of.  Because we go way beyond the norm in the travel industry, this tends to happen all the time and the initiative usually comes from us – after all this is why our clients come to us.

 On a recent trip in Africa, for a client with an interest in history and politics, we recommended a meeting with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Our client agreed but thought we were joking. In fact, he and his newly betrothed wife met the Archbishop last week in Cape Town and had their recent marriage blessed. A great highlight for an already exceptional honeymoon.

 7. How much weight do you carry in the decision making? For instance if there is a place you absolutely know your client would love but they may be hesitant, how much do you persuade?

We will always give a client an accurate reflection of why a destination, property or experience could be appropriate for them. But the choice is ultimately theirs; after all we promise them everything they want and nothing that they don’t.  Generally clients trust our judgment and recommendations, but if for whatever reason they want to do something differently, we will make it possible.

8. What percent of your clientele are regulars and how many are looking for the trip of a lifetime—something to wipe off their bucket list?

This year we have benefitted from a large number of new clients commissioning Brown + Hudson for the first time. Prior to that I would say that 75% of our business was repeat business, but this year that number is down to about 50%, thanks to new business.

The ‘trip of a lifetime’ scenario applies mainly to our honeymooners, or perhaps a multi-generational family trip, where the grandparents might invite everyone on such a journey – it’s rare to get the whole family together.

9. That being said, who is your typical client, describe them.

Our clients come from different places around the world, backgrounds and professions. They do have in common an attitude that emphasizes the value of time – and particularly personal time.

Whenever they use personal time, they want to know they are making the most of it. They want extraordinary experiences catered to their specific needs, no matter how particular, impossible or unusual that might seem. They like to feel that their experiences are theirs and theirs alone.

10. What drew you to travel in the first place?

The individual motivations and backgrounds of our team in London and our guides around the planet differ greatly. But we are all a rather curious and restless bunch who like to be on the go, who cherish discovery and connecting with people. Some of us are into sports and discover the world on foot or by bike, some are culture hounds with degrees in history or art, and others love nothing more than nature. Travel connects the dots for all of us.

11. Have you ever considered settling in one of the places you’ve visited?

Everyone at Brown + Hudson has spent time living overseas. Our staff in our London office has lived in such diverse places as Vietnam, Morocco, Patagonia, Uganda, Canada, Scotland, Switzerland, Mexico and France. However, we are probably not really the ‘settling’ types.

12. Are there some locations that are requested more often?

Currently the most popular destinations are: Bhutan, India, South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, France, Turkey, Italy and Vietnam. We have also seen an increase in interest in China and Argentina.

13. What is your most often heard comment from people after their first experience with a Brown + Hudson travel experience?

Difficult to generalize, but usually it’s a form of “you spoiled us”. We also like it when, on a trip our guides overhear “let’s start planning our next trip while we are still all together…”

14. Everyone affiliated with Brown + Hudson knows several languages, have you ever started out talking to someone in the wrong language? How do you switch back between them?

Yes in Iceland. Philippe tried to get a waiter’s attention in a Rejikavic restaurant in Vietnamese saying “Em Oi!”(having just returned from Hanoi). It got the waiter’s attention but not understanding. Switching back happens rather automatically at that point (together with blushing ever so slightly).

To tell you the truth, most of us have grown up bi or tri-lingual and are used to thinking and speaking in different languages. Even with our own families we find ourselves switching back and forth a lot (which can be irritating to some, so we have reigned it in).

15. Is your dream trip/experience still out there or have you experienced it yet?

While we’ve all had the good fortune of having travelled a great deal, our dream experience will always be out there, waiting in our imagination for the right moment or the perhaps the right client…

Brown + Hudson, 13B Hewer Street, London, W10 6DU

T +44 203 358 0110
F +44 203 0700 600


The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong: The World’s Highest Hotel

Premier Island Suite


The new Ritz Carlton Hong Kong is taking luxury status to new heights. Not only is the new Ritz-Carlton the highest hotel in the world, but its design and spectacular service have taken the city by a storm. Dominating the skyline at the very top of the International Commerce Centre (ICC) in Hong Kong, the hotel occupies floors 102-118. The modern luxury hotel is the newest addition to the Ritz Carlton’s ever growing global portfolio. The new hotel is the 16th hotel owned by the company in Asia.

Hotel Exterior (1)          LT_Ritz_Carlton_HK_exterior      Hotel Exterior (5)

The hotel offers contemporary and stylish interiors by Singapore’s LTW, with stunning views of Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong skyline. Guests enter the hotel on the 9th floor where they are whisked up to the hotel lobby on the 103rd floor where breathtaking panoramic views can be seen. The décor is opulent, an example — the pool’s ceiling is made up of LCD screens showing images, video or a feed from a rooftop camera of the sky. Throughout the hotel you’ll find crystal chandeliers, indoor fountains, and glowing walls.

The new hotel’s 312 guestrooms each offer spectacular harbour and city views. Each room offers state of the art technology which includes Wi-Fi, iPod docking stations, Blu-ray DVD players, and flat screen TV’s. In addition to the standard rooms, the hotel offers Island, Deluxe rooms, and specialty suites, each of the higher end rooms and suites have access to the Ritz Carlton Club Lounge which offers complimentary food and beverages, along with a Club Concierge, meeting rooms, work stations, and Wi-Fi.

Deluxe Harbour Room


Junior Suite

Premier Executive Suite - bedroom

There are six dining choices available on the hotel’s 102nd floor, including Chinese and Italian restaurants, a lobby lounge, and a rooftop lounge with stunning views. A magnificent spa is located on the 116th floor and features nine deluxe treatment rooms, and two couple’s suites. In addition, the Ritz Carlton features a fully equipped fitness center. The hotel also has one of the largest ballrooms in the city.

To plan your trip to Hong Kong, be sure to visit our Hong Kong Private Jet Charter page. Call us today and we’ll plan your Hong Kong jet charter, reserve your accommodations and schedule ground transportation.

A Gift From Congress: No 7.5% Federal Excise Tax

A Gift From Congress:

No 7.5% Federal Excise Tax on Newport Jets Flights!

Newport Jets already offers some of the lowest fares in private aviation, and now Congress is helping to offer you even deeper savings! Congress’ inability to reach an agreement on the FAA budget means that the requirement to collect certain aviation taxes, including the 7.5% Federal Excise Tax, has been suspended.

If taxes are taking a holiday, shouldn’t you?

This tax holiday will not last – book all your future trips NOW to take advantage!

Book a flight now and save even more money with Newport Jets.

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Just Opened: The Stunning Mr. C Beverly Hills


For fans of Harry’s Bar in Venice there is a smashing new hotel in Beverly Hills named Mr. C., just launched by Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani, the 4th generation of the internationally known Cipriani family who also own and run the Cipriani restaurants. Mr. C has 138 rooms including 12 signature and classic suites, outdoor pool, and restaurant.



The property is located in Beverly Hills on Beverwill Drive, with accommodations ranging in size from 365-800 square feet; each comes with a private balcony, and some with stunning views of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. The interior design is welcoming and rich with dark hardwood floors, grey and burgundy palettes, with crisp white accents. Photos of black and white iconic images are placed on the walls, and fabulous well-appointed bathrooms have teak flooring, marble accents and signature amenities.


In addition, there are five multi-level, residential bungalows about 3,000 each, each with a private garden, plunge pool, gourmet kitchen, and views of Beverly Hills. Noted California architect Ray Kappe designed the bungalows, which feature all Mr. C amenities, spa treatments, housekeeping, and room service from the Mr. C restaurant.

1015_Suite_Bedroom_v5s    Suite_1001_High_v4s

Standard-King-Main_v9s      1_Cipriani_Bed_Living2_v2s

The Mr. C. restaurant welcomes hotel guests and Los Angelenos alike with a menu with classics from Cipriani including grilled specialties, pizzas, and great everyday dining from morning until evening. There is indoor and outdoor seating and a separate entrance for non-hotel guests.


To plan your trip to Los Angeles, be sure to visit our Los Angeles Private Jet Charter page. Call us today and we’ll plan Los Angeles jet charter, reserve your accommodations and schedule ground transportation.

Private Jets to Summer Camp?

From the NY Times:

To Reach Simple Life of Summer Camp, Lining Up for Private Jets

Gov. Paul LePage of Maine happened to be waiting for his flight at Augusta State Airport on a recent Saturday when the weekend crush began.

A turboprop Pilatus PC-12 carrying Melissa Thomas, her daughter, her daughter’s friend and a pile of lacrosse equipment took off for their home in Connecticut, following the girls’ three-week stay at Camp All-Star in nearby Kents Hill, Me. Shortly after, a Cessna Citation Excel arrived, and a mother, a father and their 13-year-old daughter emerged carrying a pink sleeping bag and two large duffel bags, all headed to Camp Vega in Fayette.

“Love it, love it, love it,” Mr. LePage said of the private-plane traffic generated by summer camps. “I wish they’d stay a week while they’re here. This is a big business.”

For decades, parents in the Northeast who sent their children to summer camp faced the same arduous logistics of traveling long distances to remote towns in Maine, New Hampshire and upstate New York to pick up their children or to attend parents’ visiting day.

Now, even as the economy limps along, more of the nation’s wealthier families are cutting out the car ride and chartering planes to fly to summer camps. One private jet broker, Todd Rome of Blue Star Jets, said his summer-camp business had jumped 30 percent over the last year….  Read Full Story

An Anticipated Opening: Mandarin Oriental Paris

MO Paris

One of the most anticipated hotel openings took place recently in Paris. The luxury hotel chain, Mandarin Oriental, with 27 hotels, opened the Mandarin Oriental Paris on June 28th. The hotel’s elegant and stunning architecture makes it one of the city’s top luxury Parisian hotels. With a central Paris location, the hotel is perfectly situated on the oh so fashionable St. Honore, right in the middle of luxury fashion, and touts the largest green space of any luxury hotel in Paris. The project was completed by three of the leading designers in the world. World renowned Jean Michel Wilmotte served as the project architect; Sybille de Margerie of SM Design did the interiors and the bars and restaurants were designed by Patrick Jouin.



The Mandarin Oriental Paris features 138 guestrooms and suites – some of the largest in Paris. The hotel is using the company’s highly praised guest centered technology throughout. The hotel also features an expansive inner courtyard with year-round outdoor al fresco dining. The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Paris offers holistic relaxation and rejuvenation in a beautiful, tranquil setting. The hotel also has an indoor swimming pool and state of the art fitness center, adding to the hotel’s leisure offerings. The hotel’s restaurant provides fine dining by a Michelin starred chef.


The suites are located on the top floor and can be connected, which creates the largest suite in the entire city of Paris. Interior designer Sybille de Margerie described the hotel as “a luxury, welcoming hotel, both romantic and exotic.” The Mandarin Oriental Paris is decorated with art by Ali Madhavi (photography), Nathlie Decoster (sculptures), and Thierry Bisch (paintings).


To plan your trip to Paris, be sure to visit our Paris Private Jet Charter page. Call us today and we’ll plan Paris jet charter, reserve your accommodations and schedule ground transportation.

Celebrate 4th of July in Boston — Classic Concerts & Fireworks

To plan your trip to Boston, be sure to visit our Boston Private Jet Charter page. Call us today and we’ll plan your trip, reserve your Boston accommodations and schedule ground transportation.

If you’re looking for a special 4th of July family celebration, why not celebrate in Boston – the city where the fight for liberty in America started.  Boston’s Independence Day celebration is a remarkable annual event which shows the pride the city has in its revolutionary heritage.

Grab the family and jet off to Boston next week for the real thing — an authentic journey into America’s past. Experience and celebrate America’s real independence in Boston, Massachusetts! There is no other place to celebrate the rich history of America’s Revolution — the events that led up to the historic break from Britain and the brave people who shaped our national government.

2011 Boston Pops July 4th Concerts

Many call the Boston Pops Concerts and Fireworks Spectacular, the best Independence Day celebration in the country. This year the classic 4th of July concerts take place on July 3, and July 4, next to the Charles River on the Esplanade.  The concerts on each day feature Keith Lockhart, the conductor and the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra, with some very special guests.  Each show lasts 2 hours and ends with world renowned finale – Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. The ending is filled with real cannon fire, drumrolls, all while church bells ring throughout Boston.  There’s really nothing like experiencing the 4th in Boston.

Boston July 4th fireworks 2011

The spectacular Boston fireworks begin immediately after the Boston Pops concert on July 4th.  The amazing fireworks display will launch from barges on the Charles River.  The dazzling pyrotechnics reach 1500 feet — as the sky lights up you’ll experience an Independence Day you won’t forget.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Boston


For true Boston luxury in the Back Bay, close to the festivities, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is offering an “Extra Day Away” so guests can take advantage of an extra day for free in combination with two paid nights. You’ll want to experience the hotel’s The Spa – the only Forbes 5 star spa in the entire state.  The spa features Quartz crystal steam rooms, ice fountains, relaxing lounges, and vitality pools.






A Spectacular Night of European Art & Culture: Berlin Night of the Museums


For information on private jet travel to Berlin, local attractions, and luxury hotels please visit our new Berlin Private Jet Charter page.

Lange Nacht der Museen

Celebrate the renaissance of Berlin this summer — one of the most significant European cities in history. Berlin is a vibrant city, alive with art, culture, and history.  In fact, Germany’s capital city is home to some of the most famous museums in the world — and for one night during the summer, August 27th, those museums open their doors for a spectacular evening, Long Night of Museums. Over 100 museums and cultural institutions welcome visitors in a night of artistic celebration, filled with theatre, concerts, readings, and much more. The event allows visitors and locals to enjoy the summer weather and the fabulous museum culture. Guests that evening will be treated to more than dozens of museums and cultural events throughout the city, when average temperatures are in the mid 60s Fahrenheit.

Berlin’s Museum Island, sometimes referred to as Berlin’s own Treasure Island, is the place to be on August 27th, for the Long Night of Museums. This is where Berlin will show off the amazing museum renovations; The Neues Museum, Altes Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie, Pergamon Museum, and Bode-Museum form a noted group of historical museums with exhibits highlighting over 6,000 years of cultural heritage. In 2009, the Neues Museum, followed other museums, with renovations by renowned British architect David Chipperfield.

In addition to being one of Europe’s cultural areas, Berlin is a city known as a great walking city. You won’t want to miss Berlin’s beautiful parks and gardens, during a summer visit, when everything is in bloom. The always beautiful Charlottenburg Palace baroque style gardens are located around the palace, were designed in 1697 baroque style.  The gardens large avenues lined with geometric plant designs make for a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon in Berlin.

The Hotel Concorde Berlin, is a luxury hotel located in the center of the city, which touts the largest guest rooms in the city, is a luxury hotel is just off the fashionable Kurfuerstendamm Boulevard.  The guestrooms are contemporary and elegant in design with lovely wood and open space. The onsite restaurant offers French cuisine with a touch of Mediterranean.