The Facts and Benefits when flying with Private Jets: Newport Jets.

It’s true that private jets are a bit too stylishly luxurious and expensive. But why some people are so dying to fly in a private jet every time they travel? It may sound like an oxymoron to say that you can save money while flying by private, but the benefits of private aviation will offer you to reach more than what you’d expected.

There are plenty of travel blogs that will guide you on how to effectively travel practically anywhere in the world, be by private aviation or commercial airlines. (see here)

But let’s go with what this blog is all about: The Facts and Benefits when flying with Private Jets: Newport Jets.

Unlimited Comfort


Yes, you heard it right. Even when you fly first-class on a commercial jet, there are still have plenty (a looot) of things you’ll miss for a luxury travel. In short, your comfort is limited. One of it is the Food options, which is certainly better than the peanut packs of economy class. Also the comfort of being attended alone is nowhere to be found because you are not the only passenger. Especially the uncomfortable waiting in the line when going to the bathroom as the seatbelt light goes off.

When compared to a private jet, that first-class cabin you’ve gone to travel with so many times before doesn’t even meet the ‘basic’ standard of comfort and luxury definition. The bathroom waiting line is non-existent in a private jet and will never ever exist in the future. Also the premium food choices and delicacy beverages are being prepared according to your request. It will be served deliciously on time. (And many other luxurious and comfort things you’ll find as you continue reading this blog).

NO haggard arrival

From booking to landing, Newport Jets (private charter) will streamline your entire travel experience, providing world class luxury, safety and comfort. A car will be waiting at the hangar when you land and ready to take you wherever you’re headed. No checks to the luggage, pets are allowed, perfume bottles in and wines!

You have a ‘Say’!

Within the air-traffic limitations, all private flights are customizable. The flight coordinator will arrange your ideal flight plan, you just have to coordinate in advance and tell every luxurious thing you’d want to feel and have during the flight. You can also make one stop or hit several on your route, best is that nearly anywhere is possible. Whatever reason you have. Of course, your jet consultant will guide you about the costs of your requested plan and will establish a report regarding how much it would cost you, meaning if your flight plans is costing you significantly more.

Deciding what to eat and drink!

Always, the inflight dining is the client’s say. This must be one of the most exciting things you can feel when flying private. Extensive menus are shown in advance to the passengers. The choice is yours and everything on that menu will be coming from the hot stove of top-notch chief caterers. The choices are vast!

There are unlimited preferences as well, such as vegetarian or organic menus are accommodated.

Many passengers enjoy the view with their favorite drinks or wine. So Newport Jets private charter always offer the best drink delicacies and big bar. The bigger the jet, the vaster the bar menu.

Inflight entertainment

Inflight entertainment must be pre-ordered, requesting for some special music, games. Live entertainment, poker decks and naming some more few fun! Just tell your provider what you have in mind. If you want a good size screen for a movie, then it will be served HD in front of you!

Get the work done fast!

Have you ever tried working on an airport? But still the wifi connection is off, like literally off!

Get the work done fast! Yes, that’s the real benefit of traveling with Newport Jets private charter! Fully functional as airborne executive suites. Anticipate a satellite flight phone and a good wifi signal.

Use your mobile phone throughout the flight and finish your work! You’ll see how you’ll be able to solve the mysterious office problems by just sitting with laptop on your lap in a flying private jet plane.

The quite air-conditioned ambiance of a private plane will marvelously do the work in your brain.


Can’t wait for your luxurious flight? Newport Jets provides the convenience and luxury of chartering jet service. Call 1.888.995.5387 or 1.646.205.8222 or request a quote online.

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