Flying With Your Pet

When you are planning to travel with a pet, taking a commercial flight could be a harsh decision. There are many factors which can make you reconsider your decision to bring your pet with you. With respect to new laws of Civil Aviation, you can bring your pet on-board but in a form of carry-on luggage. The size of a container must be so small that it could be adjusted under your seat. If your pet is bigger in size, you might have to send it with your luggage. Like most “extras”, this would be an added fee. Furthermore, it is hard to imagine a pet enjoying a trip caged and under your seat as if it were an ordinary animal. Commercial flights are reluctant to understand the importance of pets to people and this is the reason for such strict regulations.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association; pets should not be given sedatives or tranquilizers, if it is planned to transport them with luggage. It is not a good idea since it can cause respiratory problems in higher altitudes. Problems like these will remain with you whenever you will opt for commercial flights.

The better solution to these issues is a jet charter. Jet charters provide the liberty to bring your beloved pets on a flight with you, on-board, in your cabin. You will not be worried about their health as they will stay in front of your eyes. You don’t have to give them medicine to keep them quite and sedated. Your pets will be as relaxed as you will be, by your side. Chartering a jet seemed to be very expensive and costly but in reality it’s not something unaffordable. The idea of chartering a plane gives more control to your freedom and liberty to alter your plan. The incredible feeling that you will have when your pets and personal belonging will stay with you during your business or recreational trips is incomparable.

There are brokers available who can find the best rates for you in the market. Your business and personal trips can be arranged on short notice of less than four hours. You only have to give them your itinerary and the rest of the arrangements will be made by your hired brokers. An added convenience to go along with flying with your pets and not waiting in long commercial airline lines.

This is the reason you should fly on a jet charter rather than a commercial plane when traveling with your pets. Give us a call and we will arrange a pet-friendly trip for you and your loved ones.

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