?Must-Have Travel Packing List! ?

Travelling can be stressful, but when you have the right packing list, everything else seems to fall away. One of the most common questions has to do with what do you always bring with you on your around the world journeys. Whatever packing bag you use, it’s what’s inside that counts. Learning how to prioritize and make room for the crucial things for any trip of any size will make you most out of your journey. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, this works for anyone. This absolute essential packing list will help bring everything you need and nothing you don’t. So now we are going to go over the things that you must always bring with you every time, no matter where.


This includes passport, debit & debit cards.


Top of your list should be your passport or else you will be turned away at the airport for international flights or at the dock for international cruises. And when I say passport, what I mean is your current passport! Keep in mind that many countries require your passport to be valid for at least six (6) months from your arrival date, so not only do you need a current passport, but you need one that does not expire within six months. Furthermore, take along a copy of your passport page or take a picture of it on your phone in the event your passport is lost or stolen. Leaving a copy with a family member or a friend is recommended as well. It can be faxed to you if necessary.


Credit and Debit Card


Another absolute essential is your credit or debit card. Notify your banks before using a credit card when travelling. Notify them that you will be out of the country coz if not, they may freeze your credit card and you don’t want to spend hours on the phone trying to get it unfrozen from a foreign country. In addition, when you let your bank know that you’re going away, they add a record to your account and share it with their fraud detection system. This prevents your “abnormal” spending patterns from triggering a block on your card.

Tip: You can get everything in a passport organizer so you won’t be like spilling your absolute essentials.




Electronic devices are very important, particularly for recording your travels and communicating with family and friends, but they come with a few drawbacks. You have to recharge them, for one thing, and you also need to be able to keep them safe. Let’s take a closer look at travelling with electronic devices. Don’t pack unnecessary gadgets!

Power adaptor/converter.

If you’ve travelled outside the United States you are aware that plugs and outlets are different in other countries. To be safe when you’re travelling with tech, it’s smart to invest in a combination adapter/converter. Choose one that is universal. Always carry an international universal adapter and portable chargers so you never run out of power. Noise cancelling headphones are a must-have also.

Cell phone

With the advent of technology, we don’t go anywhere without our smartphones. It would be wise to use your own cell phone with an international calling plan that allows you to make calls, send texts and access data while travelling abroad. For sure you don’t want to spend a fortune on roaming charges or international calls! On the other hand, if you don’t have an international data plan, you can just flip your phone in the airplane mode and pick up wifi along the way. Also make sure that you download google maps. You can use it offline and this will get you help get from the airport to the hotel.


Bringing a laptop is definitely a personal choice. It all depends on what do you need to do with it. If you’re a consumer, your computing needs are quite simple like browsing the web, reading a book, or uploading beach photos to Facebook. Hence, you don’t need a full-size laptop with you. Instead, drop your phone or tablet in your carry-on, and head for the airport. On the other hand, if you are a traveller that is mixing work and pleasure in some fashion, then you probably need to bring laptop with you especially if you are the kind who can’t leave the office behind entirely for a couple of weeks no matter how much you want to.




Each item of travel clothing you pack needs to be relevant to ensure that you take the right items on your trip and avoid overpacking. That is to ensure that your clothing serves a purpose. And finally you’ll want to keep in mind portability when it comes to the right travel clothes. Below list are the best common travel clothes you can bring. Don’t pack more clothes than you need!

 Shirts: you don’t have to bring a lot coz you can buy somewhere. Bring clothing on a lightweight synthetic material. Avoid clothing that is too bulky and may take up too much space. A long sleeve and short sleeve button shirt will work well for most places you travel to. Roll your clothing efficiently to allow for more space.

Jacket: Instead of bringing bulky jacket, bring a light jacket. In this case, find a packable jacket which is so compact that it can lay flat like an almost paper-thin layer in your own suitcase.

Multi-purpose shoes: It is but ridiculous to bring five pairs of shoes with you on one trip. Take comfortable and appropriate shoes only. One to two pair of shoes can be many and comfortable enough to use on long walks but can also work when going out to catch a theatre performance. Wrap shoes in a separate plastic shopping bag to avoid getting dirty of your clothes. Keep these bags only for the shoes.

Underwear, bras, and socks: people often forget about some of the most important things when packing for travel. For underwear, pack the pairs that compliment with your outfit.  And don’t forget to place a pair of underwear in your carry-on just in case your luggage gets lost. If you’re a lady, keep in mind to pack a convertible bra to wear with more than one outfit.  Four pair of socks is enough for a trip just about any lenth. Grab a pair of socks and lay them flat on top of each other. Begin rolling your socks and once they’re all rolled up, wrap in elastic band to keep them tightly rolled. Repeat this process with the rest of your socks. The same process applies to your underwear.



– personal hygiene items

One you definitely don’t want to forget is your toiletries. From deodorant to floss, make sure you check it like twice before leaving home. Toiletry bags are extremely handy to have and will keep your toiletry items organized and safe from damage or contamination while travelling. Considerable space & weight can be saved by not packing large containers of toiletries. An appropriate zippered pouch can serve double duty as a dressy clutch for evening wear. A friendly reminder: Don’t pack your entire beauty routine.



Travel Health

There’s nothing worse than a bad health while traveling. Basic medicines like first aid kit, personal prescriptions, hand sanitizer or wet wipes should certainly be present in your backpack. You would regret for sure if you don’t add them to your list of travelling essentials. Always remember “Health is wealth”.





I bet there was a time you said in the middle of a flight, “Oh no! Not my charger!



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