Reasons why you should travel alone: (SOLO-TRAVELER edition)


Traveling with buddies can be exquisitely rewarding, sharing tremendous experiences and giggles that could lead to a bond that is non-lasting. Saying which then concludes that being a solo-traveler would be a one less experience without them. But is that an absolute conclusion for a die-hard solo traveller?

Let’s see how they support their stand.

They said traveling alone is as fun as having to pass an exam. Right, passing an exam is fun, isn’t it?

It proves independence and intelligence. Meaning, you’re on your own on that adventure.

Solo travel can work for anyone, whether you’re single, in a relationship, extroverted, or introverted. While it is indeed fun to travel with family and friends, there is undeniable special feeling when traveling alone and we are here to find that out.


Here are the lists why you SHOULD consider a trip of no-more-than you!


1.)    Simplicity in everything!

When you travel alone, you don’t need more than one opinion for something. Don’t need to advance any notice of change schedule or be crazy on implicating your opinion with your group.


When you travel alone, you can practice the 5-seconds rule, you’ll just pack your backpack, count 5-4-3-2-1 and GO!

Pretty easy, right?


2.)    A moment with Yourself

It is quite intriguing how a person, whether an extrovert or introvert, seeks a moment for self-meditation. Why do you need self-meditation? That’s for you to find out.

The benefits of traveling alone are numerous. It potentially creates new version of you, in the form of a calmer mind, fitter body and a rather positive character.


3.)    The Critical Thinker You!

The word ‘traveling’ itself is an adventure that can roughly be described in words.

What more if it will be experienced Alone?

Solo traveling will make you open up and will make you leave your comfort zone. It also makes you feel free and be adaptive to whatever environment you are in.


When you decide to be out alone, of course you would consider taking trips that you think will give you more learning and unique experiences. You’ll tend to choose name of places that are so jargon and so out of your culture zone. This is how travelling alone could literally give you the sense of responsibility in upholding critical thinking within yourself.


It will make you a critical thinker in the sense that you’ll be the one to choose on whatever path you want to go, choose which safer food to eat and etc. You’ll cling to your own inner person.


Remember also that your Intuition will help you all the way, so never disregard it when it comes to decision making.


4.)    “Oh, change plans”

I know you can relate, when something happened and you with your groups have to do a full hour meeting so you make a decision in congruence with everyone, doesn’t it bother you? It’s too time consuming.

Two brains are better than one, but in changing plans in travelling, a solo traveller can fully explain how it is better to have nobody around you but your own self. You take control and you have no one else to care if they will disagree on your decision. Having this authority over yourself emphasize the sense of empowerment.


5.)    I’m taken and away to grow love even more


Do not misunderstand the subtitle. Remember the much known phrase, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”? Yes, this is quite the point.

Just sometimes, you need to rest, refresh and replenish yourself with peace. I’m not saying you do this so to rethink if you did the right choice marrying him/her, lol! No, of course that’s not how you suppose to translate solo-traveling.

This method of solo traveling away from your partner will create freshness of relationship. Missing each other, chatting, thinking what would it be like if he or she was with you at that very moment is a good thing.

You may then think to bring your partner next time, and since you have the experience already, your travel with him/her will be much pretty easy and cost effective.

By the time you arrive home, you’ll see positive changes.


6.)    You’ll know ‘You’

Whether you are single or taken, traveling solo will help you discover hidden abilities you thought you don’t have.

Doing so is a form of respecting the skill and talent given to you.

Particular decisions you thought you can’t do without the people around you, will no longer be your thing by the time you experience solo-travelling.

It builds confidence and self-reliance.

This in return will show off your skills in financial, time management and decision making. Yes, you heard it right. Those 3 I’ve mentioned are truly classy skills everyone should be able to practice.


7.)    The actuality of everyone’s dream

I will never believe if you’ll say you’ve never dreamed solo traveling since childhood.

Let’s say that you’d like it to be with someone now, since you have THAT someone you’re dreaming too. But back to #5, you would love to travel alone and that’s it.


8.)    You are enough, so go.

When a kid, you experienced going somewhere like: if you couldn’t find any person to go with, you couldn’t go. But that’s not the case now. You are in control and you have that freedom.

You are enough.

Practice how Schlichter decided to do her thing from now on without waiting for someone to dive along. She shared a typical story saying, “When I was younger I thought that if I couldn’t find someone who wanted to visit a place with me, I couldn’t go. Now, if no one else is interested or available, I just shrug and go anyway, knowing that traveling by myself isn’t a big deal.”


9.)    “You do everything at your expense”

I’m guilty of doing things I do not want just because my travel partner wants to do it.

Be indoor & sipping coffee on some awesome travel environment when you rather want an extensive foot spa instead. You hesitate to leave then you would decide to first ask your buddy if it’s ok to go out just in a form of courtesy.

Well that’s not the case for a die-hard solo traveller.

You’ll not waste your time confirming others to do this and that, because you’re doing everything at your expense.


10.)  Your Happiness within Your Budget

Ever experienced travelling that made you broke until the next salary arrives?

Pretty much the same case when you travel out of your budget just because you travel with friends and their pockets fuller than yours. Think of Chipping-in with 5 friends, equal parts for this food (that you thought you would love not buy), then not so surprisingly it’s not in your budget. Isn’t it awkward to decline? Thinking it is not appropriate to do such thing, you would rather pay than disappoint your friends.
While if you travel solo, you’ll practice: Eat what you love, spend what you can afford & get home with satisfaction.




“Travelling alone will be the scariest, most liberating, life changing experience of your life.

Try it at least once!”








Hope you enjoyed reading this blog! Can’t wait to update this page with another 10 reasons why travelling alone is FUN!

So be sure to stay tuned!

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