Reasons why you should travel with friends

Proving your independence doesn’t necessarily mean you should ignore the interest of Travelling with other people. It surely is 10x more fun to experience new places, food and culture with them! Travel with friends so you have someone to talk to while you’re past 10 awake in your room, while eating or have someone to share the selfies! And when you arrived at home, you all have the same story experience to reminisce until you get old!

These are just some of the incredible things you can have when travelling with friends. And without further ado, here we got these reasons so you sure say ‘Go’ in travelling with besties!

The Planning Process itself is more fun with them!

Why? Because you have someone to debate with! Not arguing, of course, but really taking time to share your ideas and impress others with it is a lot of fun! Also the value of taking considerations of each other’s’ ideas will deepen your relationship and respect.


You become more aware when you travel with them!

Taking the chance to be with them will make you more aware, aware in the sense of becoming more connected to each other’s feelings and life. You know that you will always be there for them and them for you. In travel problems, friends will always have your back and will always be at your side, simply because they are stick to you from departure up to going home! They got no choice! (lol!)


Everything becomes an adventure!

I mean, is there any reason how travelling with friends becomes nothing but adventure?

Imagine one would say, “Hey let’s try this one!” and another one would say “Let’s roll the dice! Game on!”

Besides nothing is better than an adventure with friends!


You become more than just a friend!

Not to ignore the fact that lovers or marriage did start by friending each other right?

Well..ahem..Let’s try to swipe that fact and dive in deeper: You become a family for a week or so!

You’ll share your stuffs and create memories with each other. Well that’s how family is half translated right?


You become night owls!

Well, just like a sleep over, you’ll have to listen and respond while they are sharing!

Plus, activities with friends would surely need more than a day to accomplish. So imagine the lovely bon fire with games at night, which is expected when travelling on beaches and private resorts.


You understand yourself better!

You might notice as well that with your bestfriend/s you can be yourself! Just yourself! You can go loca or crazy whenever you want. Bring on pranks and jokes and just enjoy each laugh you can hear from your mouth. There will never be a chance of -zero jokes- when you are in a group.


Lesser culture shock!

Remember a time when you had your culture shock? Alone?

The unfamiliar territory would somehow make you home sick for a moment, but when you are with them, you will be enjoying it instead and laugh & go crazy in love with new the things you both discovered. With them, you will be reassured that your travel plan is going really well.


It tightens friendships!

One of the best parts about travelling with friends is forge a stronger friendship, it doesn’t just maintain but develops out of the experience. The unique moments you shared together, the incredible sights you both pleasured to look at, the new things you both learned at the same time and more, will always make your friendships much stronger than before.


You’ll not be out of budget!

Travelling with groups is much more affordable than travelling all by yourself.

You have someone to cheap-in for a hotel or apartment room, a car rent or a private jet rent (for rather more luxurious and safe travel).

Also, it’s more fun when things are being shared with bestfriends! And Most importantly, just like you are to them, they will always remind you with your budgeted plan!…no matter what! Ha!


You have extra packing space!

But be clever enough that you will be the one to ask them in including you extra of your extra clothes to their baggage. It’s not a surprise when you got that friend who is contented with just 2 extra clothes, a pair of shoe & sandals, sunglasses and a hat with them, so ask this friend fast if you got more extra things to pack on. Also, the important things such as toiletries, sunscreen and phone chargers are being shared to each other, thus, you got no problemo on these items.


You’ll never feel lonely!

Accept it, sometimes being alone is lonely.

But travelling with friends will never miss a moment to fully enjoy!

You carry a piece of home with you! And that’s your friends!


You can never be too old or too young to enjoy!

When you are with friends, you have reassurance that everything you do is according to the will of a sane person. They agreed to it, you agreed to it so why not to try it! Go and dance crazily under the sun, eat Samyang and other funny things you can do together!


You become fully functional!

You will be more functional and become more active as you are with them. You see things clearly and understand your ‘what and where to do next’ plan. You have this task for the group, either you do barbeque for the night beach or you’re the one that’s singing karaoke!


Unpredictable stolen shots and awesome photographs!

Well, you will not be needing a selfie stick/monopod or a camera stand for a full body shot, your friends are much awesome-er!

And groupies will double the fun!



I guess that pretty sum it up all. These are the reasons why you should be travelling with friends.

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You should never miss this one chance to go crazy while travelling with your friends!

Try it and enjoy!

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