The Ultimate best travel gifts!

It’s December! And you do know what that means, it’s gift season!

There are lots of ideas you can try to give: the DIYs, beauty products, intangible things and especially a straight-from-the-heart card letters.

But when there are travelers on your list, don’t worry as we list down top best gifts you could give to a traveler!

We all know that travelers value things outside their shell, the experiences and adventures. Now, the first thing you would want to give would be how to make things easier for a traveler to capture or feel those epic moments.

Totable towel


The best travel towel on the market. No one wants to feel like a wet dog for long. Whenever there’s a beach travel on the list, make sure they bring this quite usable item!

There are certain types of towel that is rather more pleasant to choose. Remember that it’s best for a travel towel to dry out fast. The faster it dries, the better. No one would be interested in traveling with a damp towel for sure! These quick dry towel variants are available in some different types which include linen, microfibre bath towels, and Turkish bath towels among others fast-drying fabrics. Better choose online which is the best!


Jewelry Case that’s easy to keep and hard to steal


Traveler is as fashionable as models, believe it or not, they are all into fashion as well. There are souvenirs from each travel places, and the precious & expensive ones are jewelries. Obviously they would want to keep those pieces in the safe place.

Also, no traveler has time for untying necklace knots. So having a quality jewelry case would be really a time saver for a traveler.




When you are traveling in a bus, train or a flight what is the healthiest thing to do? Well, listen to music. It works wonders.

It’s effective to avoid meaningless discussions with talkative travelers. Funny Fact. A study claims that music is one of the best non-medicinal but therapeutic measure to prevent the effects of motion sickness that occurs during travel. Yes, in many cases, music successfully prevented nausea!

When traveling, there is this idle time of being alone too. Thus, music is the best medication to help individuals avoid the stress feelings that’s mostly come up whenever we are alone and idle.



The best travel pillow around


It’s no new info that traveling can be very tiring as well and doing nothing in a plane could also make you sleepy. Having the best travel pillow around would be the best gift you could ever give to your recipient who’s a chain dreamer.

Choosing the right product which suits the needs of the person is vital to reducing discomfort and giving relief. Advantages of Neck pillow- There are many benefits of using neck pillow. Neck pain is only one of the many reasons for use. Neck pain, jaw pain, alignment and breathing are some of the health benefits.

Travel pillow is the one of the things a traveler would choose not to leave, for their own neck’s sake. (lol)




When traveling, it is vital to have access to clean water. This gadget is the easiest for it! The Steripen sterilizes any water using its UV light. So get water from a stream, lake or pond and can clean it!

Even if it’s not for an adventure traveler, the Steripen is perfect to add to any travel bag. Get water from the tap anywhere, the tap from bathroom, a water fountain, drink the water in developing countries. Don’t worry, the Steripen will make it safe. It purifies water in 90 seconds for a 1-liter bottle.

Lifeproof Waterproof Case


C’mon, we know not everyone’s phone is a waterproof phone. This case is perfect for every active traveler. If your guy or gal is into adventure, then this is for them! The Lifeproof case is waterproof, freeze resistant and shockproof. It can handle anything.

No worries with the phone anymore!


Dry Bag


You make their phone waterproof, well why not make the whole package waterproof?

You never know when a traveler might need a dry bag. They could be in a destination that gets hit by a monsoon or just a bad bout of rain. Going on a water adventure. Having a lightweight drybag is always good to have on hand for those moments you want to protect your electronics and valuables.


Solar Portable Power Bank


For the adventure traveler, solar chargers are a must. Just like the Poweradd solar chargers on multiday treks and camping trips. When you don’t have power to plug in to, these are excellent.

Hang them on your backpack all day and let the sun charge them and then plug your electronics into the USB outlets.


Memory Card Holders


Brain can’t be the storage of all adventure. We don’t even want to forget every single second when traveling. Thus, travelers mostly have different memory cards on them. We don’t like to erase anything until our photos and videos are backed up. Having loose memory cards in our luggage isn’t an option.

They get lost easily, so instead, we have keep them organized with a memory card holder.


Underwear Travel Organizer


A lady is a lady. When your travel friend is a woman, you may want to consider giving a cure little underwear and bra organizer. Those that have separate pockets and compartments for every cute lingeries.


Silk/Soft Wrap


Scarfs are needed. Again, it is needed. Women need this!

Keeping us warm on the plane when the air conditioning is cranked too high. It could save a lady for a better evening outfit.




There is no better gift to give but a gift from the heart.
Also a jet ticket to Maldives, along with you. You will surely both enjoy each moment during travel. Especially when you book with Newport Jets. We have EVERYTHING you need.

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