Why a Company Would Charter a Private Jet

Business dynamics are changing so rapidly that managers need to keep themselves on their toes to meet the complexity of business operations. Top managers of corporations and other million dollar organizations are so busy that they have to travel hundred and thousands of miles each day and what is faster than a jet to cover such a long distance. Sometimes situations are very demanding that commercial air liners do not cope with the itinerary of a business trips. To encounter such business needs, corporations need to buy their own jets.

Idea of owning a jet sounds exciting, but at the same time it’s very expensive. Operational expenses are much higher than the actual cost of a jet. If the frequency of usage for the jet is not very high, owning a jet could be similar as owning a white elephant.

Large corporations or smaller companies who require their own chartered jets have better option: use them on a rental basis. There is no need to own a private jet. Companies or brokers, who provide rental services of a charter jet, do everything for their clients on request. They ask for the complete requirements and traveling plan, thereafter, according to the given requirements and plan; they find a perfect luxury chartered jet and set a deal on behalf of their client. Sometimes this can be done on short notice of less than four hours. Besides that, they could help in finding the best available deal in the market.

Every time managers can use a different chartered jet for their business trip. Utilizing such service helps corporations in saving thousands of dollars which could be wasted, when their jets are not in the air, in form of hangar charges and other maintenance and operational expenses.

Keep in mind, a private jet charter is not like renting a car. There is no such thing as dirty seats and scratched bumpers. A jet charter consists of renting a plane that is of highest standards; clean, luxurious, with a choice of food and alcohol that can be arrange prior and with experienced pilots.

When there are companies available which can arrange a jet charter at any time, 24/7 and 365 days a year; why would a company need to own a jet?

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