There are bunch of blogs convincing people to go traveling, but there is still information left of the ultimate reason why they do it.

We had searched for the most reason and also what benefit does it have for those travelers why they love it so much.

They value their time

Shaking off the context between whether you are an indoor type of person or an extrovert, whatever you do is a matter of how happy you are of doing it. For the travelers, they do it because they mainly value their time. They love spending their time with the nature and the people around. They love the smell of a certain place, the view of some horizon and the sound from each dimensions.

Travelers think they are INVESTING their time well every time they travel.

When we see traveling in the perspective of “time-spending”, we sometimes don’t get the return value, but when we think traveling as part of how we “invest” our time well then we will be looking on what we can GET from that travel and not just leisurely waste it with just common selfies.

Finding a new purpose.

Is what most travelers want and looking from their certain journey. As we travel, we are exposed more to new people, cultures and lifestyles than our homeland. With these new things we approached, we are also exposed to new insights and perspective on something. Thus, if ever you are feeling down or stuck with what to do in your life, go travel and find something that will inspire you to live.


Looking for some inspiration.

Aside from finding a new purpose, there are also travelers that already found theirs and they just needed to augment their motivation. Just in a case of a photographer, they are more into capturing what other eyes can’t see and show it to the world. They feel more valuable when they find something worth sharing. Thus, whenever there’s a chance to upgrade that essential part of their own – it is also a chance to showcase what they have found.



It is like every traveler wanted to be attached on something or someone. When they travel, they bring home not just common memories but special ones. The connection is commonly showed through souvenirs and continued letter exchange (email or social medias).

The connection these people get is precious and sometimes become unbreakable. It’s something that you can share to other people crystal clear.

Now in this part, I’m about to tackle the benefits that most other travel blog says about traveling. I’ve come to search thoroughly some awesome points of why you should travel. Here are them:


Improves your extrovert character.

It’s common knowledge that when you practice, you become good at it and for the fact that traveling will make you prone to different people – it will eventually give us clear understanding on how to handle each type of characters. You’ll be able to learn how to communicate better with other people.
Whenever you travel, your communicating skills must be (if not great)) good! It’s how you learn their culture, food and can better relate with the locals.


Adds confidence.

Traveling enhances our tolerance for uncertainty, where traveling gets us stuck to certain situations that don’t go as planned and immediately teach us how to cope up fast. In return it boost up our confidence as an individual. With those experiences we had, whenever there is a decision to make, we are able to think properly and trust your experience.
Just like how we are able to practice our communication skills, our decision making skills also is being improved through travel.

The confidence of having to decide on something and having to face whatever challenges before us is a skill we mostly get from travel experiences.


Most importantly is we are able to get to know ourselves more.

During the travel, you might find yourself in a situation very distinct from what you used to at home. This will help you understand more yourself and see how you would react to these unique situations.

Your patience will be tested for sure and this is the time the level of your tolerance to unpleasant people or situations.

Whenever you travel, you get to know how would you react on things and how far can your body go. With this information and experiences you had from your past travels, you are able to decide where to go next and let your body rest well during the next fruitful vacation.

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