Best hikes in Glacier National Park

Glacier National park in Montana, is more than 700 miles of trails in a vast park with diverse landscapes & abundant wildlife.

Peak travel is summer (Jun–Sep), when the weather’s characterized by warm, sunny days and mild-to-cool nights. Native America Speaks (Jun–Sep) is a series of summer talks given by Native tribal members. Nov–Mar is cold with frequent heavy snow. Overnight temperatures become extremely cold Dec–Feb. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are popular at this time. (inf src)

Without further ado! Here are the Best hikes in Glacier National Park!

Highline Trail

It is a popular hiking trail with phenomenal views. The heights are not as scary as you thought when you arrive here. Let’s take a good look with these simple yet adventurous reviews!

“Awesome Hike (The heights aren’t as scary as they look): One of my favorite hikes I did on my trip! It is a longer hike so go early and bring lots of food and water. The parking lot fills up REALLY fast. We had to drive around for 20 minutes until a nice family leaving gave us their spot. The heights aren’t too bad even though they look it in the pictures. Most of the trail isn’t that anyway. We saw bighorn sheep, deer, marmots and more. Highly recommend.”

“Awesome Hiking Trail!: Hiked this gradual incline trail (1,100 ft) to Haystack Butte. Gorgeous views in every direction! The trail begins near some narrow cliff ledges (with bars to hold on to), then opening out to flowering meadows, scrubby bushes and pine trees. We even saw a herd of White Mountain Goats (20+) grazing in a rocky chute! At the end of our hike, we saw a herd of Big Horn Sheep! This is a great wildlife viewing hike!”

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Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake Apartments is truly a hidden treasure. If you think the surroundings are lavish, feast your eyes upon the most enormous apartment homes you`re likely ever to see. (inf src)

“Superb lake to see from the visitor center of Logan Pass. The trailhead, very fitted, can make reluctant those looking for large spaces. Especially there is a lot of people, on the first part. By cons when the descent, undeveloped, is committed to the lake, much of the public has already turned around. The lake has remained very wild as long as one moves away from the north shore. By following the west bank to the south of the lake, we met very few people and observed a beautiful deer olaphe, and a black bear. extraordinary colors in the late afternoon, and swimming in the lake. Water is of course a bit “cold”.”- verified review

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Swiftcurrent Lake

The trailhead is a short distance after the turn for Many Glacier Hotel, if you miss the first turn the take the next one.

In addition to being one of the most scenic and easy trails in Glacier Park the Swiftcurrent Lake Trail also has the unique distinction of a wonderfully scenic fireplace overlooking the lake in the Many Glacier Hotel. Do not hike this trail without treating yourself to beauty of this Swiss Chalet Style lobby guilt nearly one hundred years ago by the Great Northern Railroad. (inf src)

“A beautiful clear blue lake that reflects the distant mountains perfectly – especially at dawn. The Many Glacier hotel is right on the shoreline and looks out over this gem. Many of the hikes leave from this area as well.” – verified review

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Iceberg Lake

Iceberg Lake is located in Glacier National Park, in the U. S. state of Montana. Mount Wilbur is south and Iceberg Peak is west of Iceberg Lake. Iceberg Peak towers more than 3,000 feet (910 m) above the lake.  A popular day hike destination, Iceberg Lake is a 4.8 miles (7.7 km) hike from the Swiftcurrent Auto Camp Historic District. (inf scr)

“Was at Iceberg Lake in early June. Very few people provided a special experience. The upper trail was frozen and snowed over. Spent our lunch watching a family of mountain goats walk the ridge above us.” – verified review

“I live down at 450 ft MSL and this hike starts at around 5,000 MSL and climbs slowly to just over 6,000 ft over a distance of about 5 miles to the lake. I found it a bit tiring due to it being high altitude for me and I had only been in the area for two days and was not yet acclimatized. In my opinion however, it was well worth it. I went with a few friends and, once we got to the lake, we spent nearly two hours there enjoying the stunning scenery. We visited just after the summer holidays a few weeks ago (2017) and there were not many people there which made it even better. The beauty was spectacular as well as a number of views along the way.”- verified review

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Granite Park Chalet

Granite Park Chalet was built in 1914 and 1915 by the Great Northern Railway to provide comfortable back country accommodations inside Glacier National Park. It was the last of the chalets built by the railroad and one of the only two back country chalets that have survived. Today this rustic lodge is listed as a National Historic Landmark and it continues to provide comfortable lodging to adventurers and visitors in the Glacier National Park wilderness. (inf src)

“After a long hike, it was a pleasure to have this top along the way. Pit toilets were a nice commodity, and a cute shop with snack and drinks with an amazing view. We didn’t spend the night here, but I can imagine that it would be amazing.” –verified review

“It’s a bit of a hike to the chalet but the views along the way are totally worth it! Snacks are kinda pricey so best to bring your own, but other than that it’s a great spot to break up a hike and relax in the inside which was nice and cool with very friendly staff.” verified review

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