The Marvellous Crested Butte, Colorado

Ever had the feeling of needing to take a break? to breathe?

Well! You found the right place! Here we’re presenting you how breath-taking Crested Butte of Colorado is!

Crested Butte is located in Southwest Colorado, 28 miles north of the City of Gunnison.  Crested Butte is the eighth largest historic district in the state of Colorado.(info source)

It is a town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Downhill ski and mountain-bike trails crisscross the slopes of Crested Butte Mountain Resort. There are Nordic ski routes around town. The West Elk Loop Scenic and Historic Byway takes in wilderness areas like Kebler Pass, to the west, known for colorful Quaking aspen trees in fall. Shops and restaurants in wooden buildings line downtown’s Elk Avenue. (info source)

 What are we waiting for? Dive in and see the best places to visit (and things to do) in Crested Butte, Colorado!

#1 Kebler Pass

For Scenic Drives, Outdoor Activities, Sights & Landmarkss

This is Not to be missed!

If you want aspen trees, hikes to lakes, SUP boarding places, moose encounters or just a nice drive, this is the pass to go on. You’ll literally “Love it”.

You’ll find yourself become much attached to the amazing beautiful aspen tress! Most people just discovered this is one of their favorite fall drives! Take in the amazing Fall foliage of the beautiful aspen trees.

Be lucky enough to see the beautiful place full in colour!

This is a must see in Colorado!

(img src)

#2 Crested Butte Mountain Resort

For Ghost Towns, Ski & Snowboard Areas, Nature & Parks, Sights & Landmarks, Outdoor Activities

If you are wondering where you should spend your summer months, well look no further! This resort  is a beautiful community with great accomodations and friendly people. We stay every year at the Plaza Woodstone and the service is great. Great for a family or a close group of friends.

It is known as the go-to’s for a true “Colorado” escape. The vibe on the mountain is relaxed – no hustle or pressure, lots of smiles and positivity!

If you like keeping things real in your life then this is the place for you!

These units are so convenient to getting on or off the mountain.

Crested Butte is beautiful, the restaurants and food is out of this world, the accommodations are excellent and varied and close by for those in a group that have different budgets.

(img src)

#3 Schofield Pass

For Scenic Drives, Sights & Landmarks, Outdoor Activities

A beautiful drive/scenery. Road has curves and is narrow in spots. Catch the gorgeous view of Emerald Lake. Drive/Roam slowly because you’ll surely have to stop to take selfie with the direct hiking trailheads!

Earn great experience and a wonderful time with very good friends.

Something to remember always!

(img src)


#4 Fantasy Ranch Outfitters

For Sightseeing Tours, Tours

The scenery is beautiful as you meander through Aspen meadows and the guide fills you in on the area, the flora and fauna and local information.

Summer rides are in the mountains in the Wild Flower capital of Crested Butte.

Be sure to bring your camera!

Also, would highly recommend the 3 hour ride! The scenery is breathtaking and the wild flowers are just gorgeous! The horses are gentile and well taken care of.

No worries of falling! The guide is knowledgeable and really great!

(img src)


#5 Trail 403

For Biking Trails, Nature & Parks, Outdoor Activities

A great scenic trail for mountain bike enthusiasts that leads to a scenic overlook.

 It’s hard to describe how gorgeous the wildflowers are on this trail, when you’re here during the summer or fall. Be sure to bring a flower guide if you’re interested in that sort of thing, and a camera for memories of the stunning views. The trail is also good for running.!!!

 Experience a wonderful and great hike on this trail!

(img src)


#6 Nostalgia Ballooning LTD

For Balloon Rides, Tours, Outdoor Activities

Nostalgia Ballooning will provide you with a very memorable few early morning hours of serene floating in a balloon. It will be a great romantic and adventurous experience! Especially for couples!

The service is friendly, engaging, and expert, meaning the crew, is very professional and outgoing! So no worries with anything!

Highly recommend Nostalgia ballooning!

(img src)

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And hey!

Those are just some few of the great awesome places to see and visit in Colorado!

Travel here and you’ll surely see more!!!

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