Ithaca, New York (say, “Here I come!”)

Ithaca /ˈɪθəkə/ is a city in the Finger Lakes region of New York. It is a town of contrasts, and it attracts many different types of visitors. It is very much a college town, but it is also home to a solid and vibrant permanent community. The town is compact yet surrounded by extensive outdoor attractions. (inf src)

Without further ado! Here we are showing you the things-to-do in this amazing town!:

Ithaca Falls (Waterfall in New York)

It is very close to Ithaca downtown and college town. Close to the road, you don’t need to walk too much to reach there. Got an easy parking and above all, a spectacular view, a must watch in Ithaca.

The Beautiful falls are 150 feet high and 175 feet wide. Easy walk from the free parking lot. Hey! Who doesn’t ‘literally’ enjoy Free Parking? *grins*

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Even though it’s a quick walk to the falls, it still is a beautiful (and big) waterfall. You can fish here for trout when they run up the creek to the foot of the falls. Worth the stop!

Buttermilk Falls State Park

Buttermilk Falls State Park is a 811-acre state park located southwest of Ithaca, New York, United States. Like Robert H. Treman State Park, a portion of the land that was to become the state park came from Robert and Laura Treman in 1924.

We’ll let the Google reviews show how amazing this place is:

“Very cool place to visit. Do not judge this area based off of the falls at the bottom. Take the gorge trail! Buttermilk Falls is it’s own personal infomercial. Just when we thought we already saw so much, we realized “but wait, there’s more!” Definitely a must see.”

“This was the first of Ithaca’s Falls we discovered. As a mother with a little one, I appreciate that you can easily view the falls not far from the parking lot, without having to hike a distance. That being said, we have walked up the stairs a ways and enjoyed the view, but hope to explore other trails in the park someday. The bathrooms and playground are nice for a break from traveling too.”

“Buttermilk Falls is a great place to visit year-round. The gorge trail is stunning and a must-see for anyone passing by Ithaca – think of a mini version of Watkin’s Glen. For a more secluded walk, go in the upper park entrance and hike around Lake Treman. You’ll definitely see lots of critters.”

See? It’s a must-to-visit place!

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Stewart Park

Stewart Park is a municipal park operated by the city of Ithaca, New York on the southern end of Cayuga Lake, the largest of New York’s Finger Lakes.

No charge to get into this park. Yes! You heard it right! Certainly a great place to grab a bench, bring your lunch, and just enjoy this full length view of the lake. Great place to take smaller children, lovely merry go round in the summer, and all kinds of recreational park toys.

“Steward Park is a decent to good park for part of the year. In the summer months this place is awesome. BBQs going all the time is the theme fishing and kids playing on a fairly large playground. Boats out on the water people sunbathing. Fairly well kept public restrooms. The roads are fairly confusing and it’s pretty dreary most of the year so I had to knock it a point. All in all I do recommend Stewart park to anyone in Ithaca in the summer otherwise maybe just a drive through.” – Google review

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Cornell Botanic Gardens

The Cornell Botanic Gardens, formerly known as the Cornell Plantations, is a botanical garden located adjacent to the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, New York.

For environment enthusiast, specifically the nature lover, this is the place you surely wouldn’t want to miss out this June!

Founded in 1875, this 4,000-acre site offers specialty gardens, an arboretum & educational programs.

Given the rate 5 out of 5, here is a review from enthusiast travellers themselves!

“The place is amazing during the warmer months of the year, they have an incredible amount of different species of plants from conifers to herbs. They have a vegetable garden, a winter garden, basically a whole entire forest, and a lot more. Walking around isn’t a bad idea, though driving is preferred if you don’t want to walk around in 40° weather for an hour and a half. It’s a great educational and natural experience for everyone without literally going into the middle of the wilderness. During the mid fall to early spring months, half the fauna is dead but it’s still nice.”

“The gardens were beautiful and it smelled wonderful. The gift shop also had very cute planters and gardening related however they were a bit pricey. I will definitely go again to explore more because there are multiple different gardens including an herb garden.”

“Lovely, free, browse at your leisure garden.  Great for kids- there’s herbs, edibles, and more. They are welcome to touch/smell, etc.  A nice, super shady arbor/tunnel runs along one side of the garden- great for a packed lunch, an easy stroll to Beebe lake should you want to walk around the lake.  Majority of the garden has direct sunlight and no shade-bring a hat/shades/etc. Restrooms in the visitor center. Gift shop too. Out door patio seating also there.  It’s a drive to get to the lily ponds. Free parking.”

It will blow your mind! A truly sighting that will melt your heart and bring back the youthful glow of your person!

Full of plants and knowledgeable people, this place is amazing!

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And there are much more to visit in this place!

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